What Is The Best Pub In The UK?

What makes a great pub?

We’re on the hunt for the best pub in the UK and we’ve decided to enlist your help!

Pubs are at the heart of British culture. Despite more and more of them closing with each passing year, they remain a focal point for communities all over the country and the best place to discover new beers. Despite there being more breweries open today than there were in the 1930s, CAMRA recently reported that 18 pubs closed every week in the last 6 months of 2017. In real terms 10,500 pubs have closed since 2000 – a shocking number, but understandable when you consider the constraining variables in play.

Since the turn of the millennium, tax on alcohol has increased dramatically, smoking in public houses has been banned and drinking culture has been changed irrevocably as a result. But these factors aren’t the death tolls of British pubs. Craft ales and beer have never been more popular and, although retail beer sales overtook trade business back in 2014, pubs have been making a comeback in recent years in a bid to once more become the centre of our social lives.

We’re on the lookout for places that exemplify the very best of modern British pubs and we’re looking for some outside help for us to find it. Now, we’re well aware that pubs can be many different kinds of things, so we’ve decided to lay out a few standards to ensure that you’re on roughly the same page as us:

Drinks On Offer

A good pub needs a decent selection of lagers and ales, but it’s not just about beer. In order for a pub to be a feasible option for everyone, there needs to be a wide range of quality beverages to suit all tastes. It’s important to remember there are some folks who don’t like to drink beer (they exist, believe me!). For these picky people (children included) you need to have a solid selection of spirits, soft drinks and juices that will keep non-beer drinkers happy

Hot & Cold Food

We’re firm in the belief that all good pubs should serve a range of hot and cold food in order to keep hungry bellies at bay. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea and we don’t condone drinking heavily without eating something to soak it up.

Classic pub snacks such as crisps, picked eggs and nuts are always appreciated – but are by no means compulsory. Hot food is always much appreciated, especially throughout the Winter and can include, but is not limited to: chips, pies, classic pub grub and pretty much any thing that comes deep fried.

Landlords & Locals

The people inside a pub are just as important as the beer that is poured from the taps. We believe a good pub needs good landlords and staff – that means professional people who put the customer experience first, but also provide a warm welcome for visitors, regardless of whether they’re regulars or are visiting for the first time. Speaking of regulars, a pub can often live and die on its repeat clientele, although it might sound unfair, the quality of the character of these people also affects the overall pub experience.

Decor & Upkeep

Finally, there’s no longer any room in Britain for run-down grimy pubs. In order for a pub to offer a comfortable drinking environment it’s absolutely paramount that pubs should be kept clean. Whilst the decor of a pub is certainly a matter of taste, we’re firm in the belief that Britain has enough grim looking Wetherspoons. We like pubs that are actively aiming to keep themselves in good knick that provides a comfortable place to enjoy a drink in.

Have you visited a pub that has blown you away? Send us your experiences over on the Contact page so that we can make a visit ourselves!

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